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What Will This Do To My Hair?

Cinta Colour Highlight Shampoos are a unique colour shampoo using a unique dye system. To add colour gradually - Simply use Cinta Colour Highlight Shampoo as a regular shampoo. Cinta Colour Highlight Shampoo will colour over the top of natural hair or previously coloured hair and the colour builds with frequency of use, the more you wash the more colour you get. Use Cinta Colour Highlight Shampoo this way for a gradual, subtle change and to keep your colour fresh between permanent treatments. For instant colour - Apply a generous amount to towel dried hair and comb through. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse. No gloves or mixing is required. Wash colour in not out with Cinta Colour Highlight Shampoos.

- No ammonia or peroxide
- Blends up to 25% grey hair
- Keeps your colour fresh between expensive salon visits or messy home colouring kits
- Easy way to colour your hair , simply shampoo in the shower
- Gradual or intense colour , its up to you

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